Apple is reportedly exploring a partnership with Google for a Gemini-powered feature on iPhones

Apple with google

To use the Gemini AI model for iPhone features, Apple and Google are looking to collaborate on a major project. Given that Google already has an agreement with Apple to be the recommended search engine for the Safari browser on iPhones, this would put Google in a dominant position.

Apple Gemini
Image: Apple

According to people with knowledge of the situation, who were cited by the paper, Apple is looking to license Google’s AI technology to introduce AI-powered devices with an iOS upgrade later this year. Features can be introduced. According to Bloomberg, the business has discussed using the GPT model with OpenAI.

Apple is under increasing pressure to keep up with competitors in the AI space, including OpenAI, Microsoft, Anthropic, and even Google. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in February that GenAI features would be released “later this year.”

Over the past year, Apple’s job postings have indicated that the business is developing AI-powered technologies internally and externally. Discussions about using third-party AI technology, however, indicate that Apple’s own AI efforts have not progressed as planned.

Some of the on-device capabilities of the future iOS 18 software update which is expected to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), often held in June — may be powered by Apple’s models. Conversely, the business is considering collaborating with an external supplier for creative AI applications such as generating images and helping users write.

Google has an edge when it comes to releasing smartphone related features, even with these setbacks. The business and Samsung collaborated earlier this year to bring powerful AI features to the Galaxy S24 line of smartphones through Gemini. These capabilities are now also available on the search giant’s Pixel line of phones.


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