Apple Podcasts Automatically Generating Transcripts with iOS 17.4

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Apple Podcasts Automatically Generating Transcripts with iOS 17.4
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Apple Podcasts tool will allow you to search a transcript and go to a certain point in the podcast. Podcasters will have the option to add, amend, and even submit their transcriptions.

With the next iOS 17.4 release, transcript functionality will be added to Apple’s official Podcasts app. According to the company, transcripts will be seen in “over 170 countries and regions,” automatically created by Apple software, and available for podcasts in English, French, German, and Spanish soon after they are published.

The functionality ought to greatly simplify the process of locating and quickly accessing the most interesting part of a podcast. You may use transcript searches to find certain words and phrases that can be pressed to get straight to that scene in the episode. A transcript of the episode may be read aloud while it plays, with each word underlined as it is said. The functionality can be accessed by a new “quote” icon in the bottom toolbar of the program, according to 9to5Mac.

While podcasters can supply their own transcripts, Apple’s software can also produce transcripts automatically. As an alternative, customers can download and modify one of the transcripts that Apple automatically generates before submitting it again. Apple claims that while their transcripts would include spoken words, they will not include song lyrics. Episodes from the past will have their transcripts “added over time.”


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