Apple’s iOS 17.4 Beta 2 Arrives: Unpacking the Latest Big Updates

Apple’s iOS 17.4 Beta 2 Arrives: Unpacking the Latest Big Updates
iOS 17.4
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Hold onto your iPhones, folks! Apple has unleashed the second beta of iOS 17.4, brimming with exciting new features and tweaks. While still in the testing phase, this update promises significant changes for Apple users, particularly within the App Store and on the security front. Let’s dive into the most noteworthy additions.

App Store Revolution:

The most significant highlight revolves around compliance with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). This translates to substantial changes for the App Store, giving users more choices and control.

Alternative App Stores:

iPhone users in the EU can now install apps from third-party app stores, breaking Apple’s long-held monopoly. This opens doors to greater competition and more comprehensive app selection.

In-App Payment Freedom:

Developers can now offer alternative payment methods besides Apple Pay within their apps, potentially leading to lower fees and more user flexibility.

Enhanced Transparency:

App developers must provide more precise information about their data collection practices, giving users more control over their privacy.

Security Sentinel:

iOS 17.4 strengthens your iPhone’s defense mechanisms in several ways:

Stolen Device Protection: Users can now opt for a mandatory security delay when changing security settings, even in trusted locations. This makes it harder for thieves to turn off Find My iPhone or erase it.

Passkeys Expansion: The “Passkeys” feature, replacing traditional passwords with biometrics, gains expanded support for web browsers. This offers a more secure and convenient way to log in online.

Comparing to Past Versions:

This update marks a significant shift compared to its predecessors. While iOS 17 focused on major visual and functional overhauls, and 17.2 refined and stabilized those changes, 17.4 took a more targeted approach. Its focus on app store openness, security enhancements, and minor usability tweaks positions it as a platform-level update with global and individual user benefits.

Should You Dive In?

As always, with beta software, proceed with caution. While the allure of new features is solid, potential bugs and stability issues can disrupt your daily experience. If your phone is mission-critical, waiting for the official release is advised. However, developers and tech enthusiasts who are eager to test drive the changes and provide feedback can consider enrolling in the beta program.

Looking Ahead:

With iOS 17.4 scheduled for a potential March release, the future of Apple’s mobile platform continues to excite. Rumors hint at possible AR/VR integrations, advanced health-tracking features, and an even more personalized lock screen experience in the upcoming iOS 18. While these remain speculations, one thing is clear: Apple’s commitment to innovation ensures that the evolution of iOS is far from over.


This information is based on the current beta version and may change upon the official release. Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the final version of iOS 17.4!


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