Arc’s New iPhone Browser Wants to be Your Search Companion

Arc’s New iPhone Browser
The Browser Company
Arc’s New iPhone Browser Wants
Image CreditsThe Browser Company

Last year, the browser company released the first iPhone companion app for Arc, which lets users bookmark URLs on the desktop program for later. The company has now launched ArcSearch, a new smartphone software that focuses on the search function.

The app’s primary AI-powered function, “Browse for Me,” generates a well-designed home page that includes search term details. Using models from OpenAI and other sources, the feature scans at least six web pages and creates a new page with separate components.

For example, ArcSearch generated a page for me with sections like “Ingredients and Tools,” “Poaching Techniques,” “Cooking Process,” and more tips when I searched for “Make Perfect Poached Eggs.” “How” found. The page also had a ton of helpful photos and videos.

When I asked the browser, “What changes has Apple made to the App Store in response to DMA?” He also provided me with a very useful overview. The website contained key details of the Cupertino-headquartered tech behemoth’s announcements, even if it didn’t cover everything.

Other Features

Users can touch a query to switch to Ecosia, Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or another search engine you’ve specified as the default if they choose not to use the AI-powered functionality.

Each web page has a reader mode for easy reading, and you can bookmark the page. However, there is no folder structure to store these bookmarks.

To prevent tab overload, ArcSearch Browser also archives tabs after a day (you can adjust this). You have two options to view your open tabs: slide and hold from the left side of the screen, or use the tab switcher on the bottom bar.

Arc’s New iPhone Browser Wants

Image Credits: The Browser Company

Additionally, GDPR and newsletter pop-ups, ads, and trackers are automatically blocked by ArcSearch. On iPhone, you can make it the primary browser, unlike the previous companion browser.

Why did Arc build a browser this way?

The browser company’s CEO Josh Miller said in a discussion on X that the company’s goal is to build the fastest search engine because that’s what most mobile browser users do. Thus, it started with a central search bar. Additionally, a keyboard appears as soon as it opens, allowing you to type questions right away.

What’s next?

For now, Arc will maintain connections through its mobile companion, but it plans to eventually integrate the two browser clients.

Additionally, the business said cross-browser synchronization will be introduced. Miller said in his thread that businesses can’t rely solely on iCloud because it extends the Windows client launch. The group is building its own sync experience of Arc as a result, and it will launch soon.


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