Blum Airdrop: Listing Platforms and Date of Listing

Blum Crypto Coin
Blum Crypto Coin

The cryptocurrency market is still evolving, with fresh and exciting projects and prospects that appeal to seasoned investors as well as newbies. Blum, a decentralized exchange that connects centralized and decentralized trading, is one such startup that is generating buzz. Blum has a rapidly expanding user base and support from Binance Labs, positioning it to become a major player in the cryptocurrency space. This post will review the upcoming listing of Blum Tokens, including the listing date and platforms.

What is Blum Airdrop and how does it work?

Blum is a decentralized exchange, offering trading possibilities for tokens from both centralized and decentralized systems. By offering a seamless trading experience and a wide range of trading options, including futures trading, it seeks to overcome common problems faced by traders on traditional exchanges. Blum differentiates itself by improving user cash retention, user control, and security by enabling users to buy any currency from any network.

Since the Blum ecosystem is powered by the Telegram Money app, people all over the world can access it quickly. By interacting with BlumCryptoBot, users can accumulate points through various activities and exchange them for Blum tokens.

Blum’s Backing and Credibility

The fact that Binance Labs supports Blum adds a lot to its legitimacy. One of the world’s largest and most respected cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, carefully selects the projects it supports. Binance Labs’ support not only adds credibility but also bodes well for Blum’s future in the cryptocurrency space.

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Blum Airdrop Listing Date and Platforms

August 2024 is when the much-awaited Blum Token IPO is scheduled to take place. Blum will initially be listed on Binance as Binance Labs has backed the project. With its listing on the prestigious cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Blum will have greater exposure and reach as it joins a diverse group of traders and investors.

Blum will also be included in the TON (Telegram Open Network) ecosystem due to its full functionality on Telegram. By leveraging Telegram’s large user base and infrastructure through interaction with the TON ecosystem, Blum’s reach and utility are further enhanced.

How to mine blum airdrop: A guide

Join Blum on Telegram and chat with Blum Cryptobot to start mining Blum coins. Create a Blum account, then click the “Form” button once every eight hours to start earning points. You can earn more points by being social and sending invitations to friends through referral links. The most important thing is to play the blame game and avoid hitting the red circle.

Earn enough points to convert them into Blum Tokens when the platform launches. You can withdraw tokens to your cryptocurrency wallet after launch. Remember that you need to have enough Blum Points to qualify for an airdrop. The minimum requirement of 10 references is not valid.


Blum’s integration of decentralized and centralized trading elements on a single platform has the potential to completely transform the cryptocurrency trading industry. Blum has already established itself in the cryptocurrency market with support from Binance Labs and a strong user engagement plan. The viability and justification of the idea is demonstrated by the upcoming launch of Blum Tokens on Binance and the TON ecosystem in August 2024.