Bybit lists Hamster Kombat’s token for pre-market trading

Hamster Kombat is listed

Users can use Bybit’s OTC premarket platform to get Hamster Kombat tokens to lock in their purchases early and secure HMSTR tokens before the market.

Bybit, a cryptocurrency exchange, has extended its support for upcoming projects on the Open Network (TON) by allowing pre-market trading of tokens for the world record-breaking game Hamster Kombat.

On July 8, Bybit officially announced that the Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) token will be listed on its over-the-counter (OTC) market, Bybit Premarket Trading.

Before a token is officially listed, it can be traded on the platform, allowing buyers and sellers to quote and complete deals at predetermined rates.

HMSTR debuted trading on Bybit’s pre-market platform on July 8, 2024

On July 8 at 10:00 a.m. UTC, the release said Bybit’s premarket OTC platform HMSTR opened for trading. The exchange said details on the delivery timetable will be made available soon.

Bybit emphasized that HMSTR tokens are now available on its premarket platform, which is a “significant step forward” as it gives users the opportunity to buy HMSTR tokens before they are listed for spot trading. The firm added:

With this unique access, users can pre-lock their buy and sell prices and acquire HMSTR tokens before the market, which is a creative development in our trading product.

Hamster Kombat

Will pre-market trading affect HMSTR’s listing price?

The token’s spot trading date for Hamster Kombat is uncertain, despite the fact that HMSTR is now listed in Bybit premarket trading.

According to Bybit’s website, premarket trading “may reflect market expectations, but the official listing price itself may be affected by various other factors.”

“It is important to remember that there is not always a direct correlation between the pre-market price and the official listing price; both are ultimately determined by the market.”

In Hamster Kombat, a tap-to-earn game on Telegram, users assume the role of a CEO who manages a virtual Bitcoin exchange. According to Hamster Kombat’s designers, the game has been breaking engagement records since its launch in March 2024. It is currently the third fastest app in history to reach 150 million players.

Hamster Kombat is often referred to as the “next Notcoin”

Following the popularity of another clicker game on Telegram and the NotCoin (NOT) token, Hamster Kombat was released. By the time Notcoin went live for spot trading in mid-May 2024, it had 11.5 million registered users.

Additionally, Notcoin was listed on the Bybit pre-market trade before the spot trade listing. The platform indicates that Notcoin’s most recent premarket trading price was $0.0059.

According to CoinGecko statistics, Notcoin rose to $0.2 on June 1, after debuting trading at around $0.007 on May 16. Specifically, NOT is trading at $0.01691 as of this writing, down about 16% over the past 30 days but up nearly 25% over the past 14.