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Hmaster Kombat

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What is Hamster?

A digital asset called Hamster (HAM) aims to offer independence and resistance to market swings. Hamster is a decentralized token founded in May 2021 to grow its community. Cryptocurrencies run on a specific blockchain chosen for its economical nature, large gas block limit, and efficient block timing. A group of enthusiasts committed to the same goals and principles as Project Hamster supports the environment. A distribution mechanism includes public allocation, FD Reserve, DEX launch and treasury, team and advisors, and a burn mechanism to control the circulating supply. The token has a total supply of 10 quadrillion HAM.

How Does Hamster Work?

The decentralized exchange that Hamster runs on, called HamsterSwap, is currently in development. With the least amount of personal data possible about each member, the exchange aims to facilitate anonymous transactions without the need for KYC or other forms of verification or AML. Using smart contracts, all trades and transactions will take place through the user’s wallet with their full consent. Along with its unique pricing structure, Hamster charges a “Marketing Fee,” “Liquidity Fee,” and “BTC Rewards Fee” on each transfer. Fees are used to fund BTCB rewards, marketing wallets, and liquidity aids. They are kept in the contract balance. A user must own 75,000,000,000 HAM tokens to be eligible for awards.

What are the Potential use cases for Hamster?

Hamster wants to be useful in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi). With the use of this platform, users should be able to trade and transfer assets without the help of trusted intermediaries. When the HamsterSwap exchange is established, users will be able to deal anonymously, improving security and privacy. Additionally, Hamster plans to pay its holders, which incentivizes users to hold and use the token. To showcase potential future use cases in these newly developed digital arenas, the project also plans to explore the NFT and Metaverse domains.

What is the History of Hamster?

In May 2021, Hamster was developed as a meme token. The group that created Hamster was brought together by a shared belief in a unique concept even though there was no centralization or funding for development. They succeeded in creating a community that sustains the environment. The project decided to run on a specific blockchain because of how efficient and affordable it is. The introduction of the HamsterSwap exchange, the launch of an NFT project, commodity integration, and the creation of the Metaverse project were all part of Hamster’s agenda. In addition, the project plans to create a wallet called HamWallet to control and hold hamster tokens.