Hamster Kombat is a leading web3 game

Hamster Kombat

With over 150 million players, Hamster Kombat is a popular Web 3 game developed on Telegram. Tapping the screen to earn hamster money allows players to improve their in-game avatar. The primary factors for the $HMSRT airdrop will be the users’ mining activity and their “Hamster” level.

The platform’s primary currency for in-game purchases and incentive schemes is the utility token $HMSTR.

Hamster Kombat coin:

Recently, the platform announced the launch of its native $HMSTR coin. Its main utility is to reward active players and act as the primary currency in the game.

According to Hamster Tokonomics, the first season of the Hamster kombat Airdrop will receive more than 10% of the entire $HMSTR supply. According to the CoinLaunch team, the basic requirements are expected to be the amount of Hamster Coins in the account and the user’s ability to in-game character level airdrop.

We decided to fully investigate the Hamster cryptocurrency project in light of the upcoming airdrop and the considerable interest shown by the crypto community. Here are its main pros and cons:

✅ Hamster pros:

  • With more than 150 million users, the project has grown to become the biggest tap-to-earn game in the web3 sector;
  • low initial market capitalization ratio upon the token issue (1.275% of the entire supply);
  • Comparatively low Fully Diluted Valuation (only 20M), as opposed to Notcoin’s 1B FDV upon token issue;
  • Outstanding SMM performance: more than 28 million YouTube subscribers and more than 40 million Telegram followers;
  • Robust growth marketing and public relations results;
  • A wide range of collaborators on the project, including top cryptocurrency exchanges.

❌ Hamster cons:

  • High rate of token inflation (annual inflation of over 42%);
  • The video game Hamster Kombat does not have a security assessment;
  • below-average marketing infrastructure and SEO score;
  • Absence of information about platform supporters and funding rounds;
  • Given the high user base, low Fully Diluted Valuation, and absence of information on private funding rounds that is accessible to the general public, it seems doubtful that participants in the Hamster Kombat airdrop would see meaningful profits.