Microsoft Lists: Now Available for Everyone on iOS, Android

Microsoft Lists is now available on android iOS

Microsoft Lists was previously limited to business and enterprise users, but now anyone can sign in and use the task management app.

microsoft list now available for everyone on ios android
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Lists, a task management tool, is now accessible to all users. Microsoft Lists, which will be available in 2020, was initially only available to commercial and enterprise customers until a brief consumer trial last year. Anyone with a Microsoft Account may now use this free version of Microsoft Lists through web, iOS, and Android applications.

Create, manage, and share lists across devices with Microsoft Lists, which includes pre-made templates for many different activities including cost monitoring, recipe creation, gift-giving, and more. Lists are simple to share with coworkers, friends, and family, allowing for the inclusion of numerous contributors.

Microsoft Lists on mobile. Image: Microsoft
Microsoft Lists on Mobile Image: Microsoft

The default list view in Microsoft Lists is a grid, but you may easily choose a calendar view or a custom layout, similar to those in Asana and Airtable. To make it simple to import data into other applications and services, you may also export lists to CSV files.

Microsoft’s main program manager Garima Wadhera said, “We’re excited to see what kinds of information tracking goodness you create during preview, and how you share it all.” Create, utilize, and share your details while on the road with a tailored mobile-first experience.

Presently available through the native iOS and Android applications and at, Microsoft Lists is under preview. Microsoft has not stated whether a desktop version is in the works or when Microsoft Lists will exit the preview.

With Microsoft Lists at your fingertips, you can keep track of all your information when you’re on the road

A Microsoft 365 program called Microsoft Lists aids in information management and task organization. Begin by making and sharing lists with your coworkers, partners, soccer team, or volunteer organizations. We based the app’s design on Microsoft Lists, which can be used for a variety of tasks like job applications, employee onboarding, home or apartment seeking, charity giving, college applications, internal events, recipes and menus, and gift lists.

We’re curious to see what type of wonderful tracking you come up with during the peek and how you share it. You can create, use, and share your information with anyone, anytime, while you’re on the go with a customized, mobile-first experience. Please take note that all functions are the same across both platforms and in the screenshots below, we alternately highlight the iOS and Android experiences.

Does Microsoft Lists have an Android app?

Join today by downloading the list app for iOS or Android: (Sign up, log in, and have fun). *Microsoft Account, or MSA, is the username and password you use to sign in to Xbox Live and Using your MSA account, you may get Microsoft Lists – MSA Preview for free for iOS or Android.

What are the new features of Microsoft Lists?

Performance Enhancements and Other New Features Are Included in a Major Update to Microsoft Lists
A better calendar view. A new week layout option for Microsoft Lists Calendar view is now available as a priority request.
Microsoft Lists will have a new form-filling interface.
The Turnkey Templates.
Coming soon to the Microsoft Lists mobile applications is a commenting function.

How many items are on the Microsoft list?

A list or library may hold up to 30 million items or files. comparable to other lists, filtered views of big lists provide comparable results.

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