Microsoft’s new 2023 update is Windows 12 in all but name – here’s what to expect

Windows 12
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Although Windows 11 may not have won many fans at launch, a recent upgrade from Microsoft may completely alter how users view the operating system. Given that today’s 23H2 update for Microsoft’s operating system brings over 150 new capabilities, there may never have been a better time to upgrade.

The Windows update released today, which touches practically every area of the Windows infrastructure, from system searches to Windows Paint, is a thorough overhaul that some may describe as Windows 12 in everything but name.

Copilot, AI-powered tools, and more in the Windows 11 2023 Update!

The most recent Windows update is openly all-in on AI, with both significant and little improvements. To complete one of its most significant update releases in years, Microsoft hasn’t neglected to make the customary upgrades and bug fixes along the road.

Today’s upgrade, which may be the finest thing to happen to Windows since glass screens were invented, may significantly improve the Windows experience, with improvement after improvement soon finding its way to devices all across the world.


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With Microsoft Copilot, a GPT-4-powered chatbot created to simplify the Windows experience and offer contextual solutions and ideas to all users—new and experienced—Windows 11’s most recent update delivers all of that LLM deliciousness right to your desktop.

With greater access to your system and the capacity to be more of a hands-on computing companion than a straightforward prompt-response chatbot, Copilot will represent a significant change in what a virtual assistant is capable of.

In addition to streamlining the Windows search process, Copilot can be requested to carry out a variety of activities using natural language, giving users the ability to do things they may not otherwise be able to in a flash with its help.

Additionally, new artificial intelligence (AI) enabled capabilities in applications like Photos can now search for photographs by subject or location and even apply spectacular filters like a background blur in seconds to make your snaps stand out more than ever.

Additionally, Copilot will be tightly connected with Bing Chat, giving you access to many of the abilities and features that Microsoft’s Edge-embodier currently offers, such as picture production, natural language searches, and sometimes funny generative chitchat.


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For creatives, the marriage of AI with the Windows platform is great news since it streamlines the creation of multiple apps by combining the generative powers of programs like Copilot and Bing. With a significant update to OpenAI’s newest Dall.E 3 model, Bing Chat’s image generation software can now draw hands without them appearing to have been ripped from a food processor! It also offers improved precision in understanding user prompts and displaying accurate results. Rejoice!

After answering a few contextual questions, ClipChamp’s new Auto Compose function makes suggested scenes, modifications, and storylines instantly available, giving producers a head start on their video. The incorporation of generative storyboarding might reduce the amount of time spent editing and speed up the delivery of your content to viewers.

If you prefer to sketch rather than watch videos, you might be interested—or, dare I say, amazed—to learn that Paint will also receive a slew of new features with the upcoming Windows update. These include layers, transparency, a background removal tool, and new Cocreator functionality that will enable Paint to create images similarly to Bing Chat.


When it comes to platform supremacy, the Microsoft Store isn’t exactly nipping at Steam’s heels, but there are some significant upgrades here that are worth noting, from AI-generated review summaries, tags, and suggestions to the ability to finally personalize install locations. Additionally, Instant Games will be added to the Microsoft Store, enabling brief sessions of casual games without installation.

Better color accuracy is made possible by Auto Color Management and the volume mixer updates, and those searching for the greatest image quality and keeping headsets and mics in mind for streaming or in-game conversation will find quick access to input and output sources to be perfect.

The plethora of third-party software required to handle the RGB desk clutter is one of the most frustrating aspects of a gaming setup. Well, those are a thing of the past today, owing to Windows’ new Dynamic Lighting choices. With Dynamic Lighting, you can manage all of your RGB peripherals in one location.


With today’s upgrade, there are also several business-oriented improvements coming to the platform, so it’s not all fun and games. In addition to doing away with passwords, Windows Hello for Business also adds adaptive dimming, passkey support, wake-on approach, and lock-on-leave features to further workstation security.

Copilot is a feature of Microsoft 365, not only a program for Windows. The launch of Copilot is scheduled for November 1, but preparations for its entrance have already begun. With Microsoft 365 Boot, customers can sign in straight to their Windows 365 Cloud PC and immediately access Copilot’s generative features throughout the rest of Microsoft’s office suite.


The most recent version of Windows 11 seems like a milestone because of the amazing advancement in AI technology it has incorporated. More than that, though, you may find a variety of other features and quality-of-life enhancements that add to and enhance your regular Windows experience.

Does this imply that Windows 11 is the industry’s top operating system? That remains to be known, but Microsoft is entering 2024 with a significant upgrade to its flagship operating system already under its belt and a ton more enhancements planned.

If Microsoft keeps the path, Windows 11 has a bright future. With such an astounding amount of work put into this upgrade, we can only imagine the improvements that Windows 12 will bring.


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