TapSwap Listing Date And Price Prediction


Everything you need to know about the TapSwap airdrop

TapSwap Airdrop Listing and Price Prediction

 The total supply is revealed to be 18 billion tokens.

We must make some assumptions about market value. TapSwap is expected to have a market cap of $700 million to $800 million when it launches on five major exchanges, which is quite likely given its large community and market appeal.

Here’s the simple math: Market cap is divided by total supply. This gives us an approximate cost per token between $0.03 and $0.06. Remember that this is just a projection and final pricing may vary based on several other factors.

Now, let’s talk about the listing date

As revealed by the team, the listing date is early July 2024.

However, TON Blockchain said in yesterday’s AMA session that they will postpone the debut until a future update due to a lack of funds.

This information should not discourage you; Instead, take the opportunity to prepare and pass me as many tokens as you can.

It is very important to stay aware of official statements from the TapSwap team to be aware of the exact date and any possible adjustments.

Points to Tokens Conversion Ratio

We can speculate that the conversion ratio is 1,000:1, given that they disclosed a total supply of 18 billion tokens on their official channel. This is comparable to NoteCoin, where a token was worth 1,000 points.

Estimating My Earnings from the TapSwap Airdrop

Here is my calculation based on the above estimates and predictions: So far, I have collected 200 million tap swap points.

If the ratio of points to tokens is 1,000: 1, I’ll receive 200,000 tokens.


  • If the listing price is $0.03 per token — then 200,000 × $0.03 = $6,000.
  • If the listing price is $0.06 per token — then 200,000 × $0.06 = $12,000.

Calculate yours and tell me in the comments.