Android 14’s AI-generated wallpapers might be its coolest new feature

In Android 14’s AI-generated wallpapers option on the new Pixels, Google’s AI-generated text-to-image diffusion model makes a brief but amusing debut, allowing you to create backgrounds by selecting various criteria.

AI-generated wallpapers
Image: Google

Along with the new Pixel 8 and 8 Pro smartphones, Google is also releasing Android 14 to the general public. This version of Android contains a ton of new features, including an awesome new AI wallpaper creator. The new AI wallpapers feature, which was first shown at Google’s I/O developer conference in May and utilizes the most recent Android OS and features, allows you to quickly create a new backdrop for your Pixel smartphone using Google’s text-to-image diffusion model.

To generate various results, you must choose a category, such as classic art, and then modify the text boxes. In one Google example, you might choose the Dreamscape category, describe a building’s shape, material, and color, and come up with something like “A house made of plants in indigo,” which produces various pictures of leafy buildings with front doors and a faintly purple tint.

Unfortunately, most of us won’t be able to utilize the generative AI wallpapers at launch because Google claims they’re “coming first” to the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. However, the phrasing implies that availability will increase in the future.

Along with lock screen modifications that let you choose multiple fonts and colors, situational widgets like a big weather widget when a storm is approaching, and even a monochromatic theme, generative AI wallpapers are just one of the many highly configurable new features of Android 14.

Although Android has always had more visual customization choices than iOS, it wasn’t always simple to get the system to appear exactly as you wanted. With Android 14, Google looks to be taking a page from Apple’s playbook and easing the process of customizing.

Android 14 is now rolling out to Pixel smartphones that are supported and will soon be available on some handsets made by Samsung Galaxy, Nothing, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

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