Apple Began Allowing Developers to Add Alternative App Marketplaces to App Store Connect

Apple announced today that EU developers can now integrate other app stores into App Store Connect. Notarization is another step for which Apple is taking submissions. This is required for any program that is going to be released through other marketplaces.

App Store

Ahead of the release of iOS 17.4, an upgrade that completely revamps the app ecosystem in the European Union, Apple is implementing these improvements in App Store Connect. As an alternative to the App Store, alternative app markets are unique iOS apps that can be downloaded to an iPhone through a website or web browser. iOS app distribution is now possible through the App Marketplace, which provides an alternative to the App Store for developers to sell their programs.

Apple verifies that apps installed on iPhones through one of the Marketplaces and other alternative marketplaces are free of viruses, spyware, and other harmful information.

To submit an app for notarization or set up an alternative app store, developers must accept Apple’s updated terms of business. The price of an underlying technology that forces app marketplaces to pay 50 euros per install and applications to pay the same price after 1 million installs is part of the business case.

It is possible to develop marketplace distribution and marketplace applications, add other app marketplaces to App Store Connect, and use TestFlight to beta test new features.

Apps that use payment methods from other browser engines and outside payment processors are also supported by TestFlight.


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