ChatGPT’s Google Search alternative could become a reality soon

It looks like OpenAI may soon challenge Google for the top rank, thus the search giant may soon have cause for worry.

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Google has long been the industry leader in search engines, processing virtually all searches worldwide. However, Microsoft’s Bing, which leveraged ChatGPT in its AI chatbot division, has recently been posing a serious threat to it. Recent developments in OpenAI suggest that Google may face increased competition. OpenAI is rumored to be developing its search engine, and it looks like it will be done in less than a week.

You get a “Not Found” notice when you try to access the subdomain in your browser. This just fuels the rumors that the search engine for ChatGPT is working. Also, a major redesign of OpenAI’s site is prioritizing search.

The concept of a ChatGPT search engine starts to make sense when you realize that Microsoft, a major investor in OpenAI, has not been able to compete with Bing for Google search. A February story in The Information said that OpenAI’s proposed search engine would incorporate some of Bing’s technology, which could provide the biggest threat to search supremacy to date.

OpenAI(ChatGPT) might be about to steal Google’s search crown

Currently, AI-generated search engines such as Google Search provide you with concise, direct responses to your queries, frequently in only a few phrases. Combining the functionality of a standard search engine with AI chatbot characteristics, they also provide links to their sources at the bottom. The Information claims that this future search tool may outperform ChatGPT in terms of speed without sacrificing its potent summarizing powers.

Although not much is known about the ChatGPT search engine at the moment, May 9th is fast approaching. Thus, it won’t be long until we learn what OpenAI is doing. Additionally, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman doesn’t hold back when he suggests that the business is becoming a rival to Google Search.


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