Microsoft Teams is getting smarter Copilot AI features

Microsoft is adding additional ways to enable its AI-powered Copilot assistant during meeting conversations, summaries, and other activities to improve its functionality in Microsoft Teams.

Copilot can now summarize team meetings and will soon be able to combine written conversations and spoken transcripts into a single display, making it easy to catch up on sessions you might have missed.

Copilot in Teams is also adding a chat feature, allowing Teams users to rewrite messages in new ways. “Copilot can adjust your message to include a call to action, or something like how a pirate would speak,” Microsoft claims in a blog post. “You’ll soon have the ability to create a new message in Teams Chat based on context.”

Image: Microsoft

According to Microsoft, intelligent call recaps for regular Teams calls sent directly to phones will be “generally available next quarter with Teams Premium.” During a call, intelligent call recap will automatically collect notes, saving you from the embarrassing step of summarizing the conversation and looking for follow-up activities.

While each of these AI enhancements for Microsoft Teams is modest on its own, taken together, they result in a more adaptive Copilot within Teams. One of Microsoft’s AI integrations in Office products is already quite impressive: the Copilot integration in Teams allows you to quickly summarize meetings with summaries that clearly show you what you need to do. When was the reference made in the meeting?

In addition to its ongoing efforts to integrate Copilot into Teams, Microsoft is also introducing new hybrid meeting capabilities within Teams aimed at enhancing communication between participants who are in person and those who are remote. Later this year, teams with IntelliFrame will have automatic camera switching in their rooms. It will use artificial intelligence (AI) to select the best camera in the conference room, which can come from laptops or room cameras. It aims to automatically change the camera view to provide the best view for distant players, especially in cases where a specific camera is obscured.

In the April preview, speaker recognition will also be accessible for any microphone in team rooms. This feature allows you to register your voice and facial profile so that transcripts accurately capture what your team says in meetings.

Finally, Microsoft’s Teams Phone Mobile feature—which allows you to have a number for Teams and your mobile device—is now supported by some other carriers. “We’re excited to announce that Thames Phone Mobile will be available later this year from several new partners, including AT&T, Odido, Virgin Media O2, and Vodafone UK,” Microsoft said.


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