Uncovering the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Camera Downgrade

No more 10x zoom in Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's
Credit: Technizo Concept

According to recent reports, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may do away with one of its distinguishing characteristics, which might have a negative effect on the Galaxy S24 series as a whole.

Respected leaker IceUniverse claims that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will instead include a 10x telephoto camera, but along with a 10MP 3x zoom and a 5x 50MP zoom. With the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Galaxy S21 Ultra all providing a comparable telephoto camera, this would be the first Ultra-branded Galaxy to upgrade from a 10x zoom camera.

The leaker also points out that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s telephoto camera performance would be inferior to that of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, a device with two 50MP telephoto cameras. However, since this phone is only available in China, it is unlikely to be on your list of potential smartphones.

In comparison to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is Samsung regressing?

One of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s most distinctive cameras, the 10MP 10x zoom, contributed to its victory in our ranking of the top camera phones. Samsung’s two telephotos still keep the Galaxy S23 series out of their grasp even if other top Android phones employ periscope cameras for 5x zoom capabilities.

The 5x tetraprism lens of the iPhone 15 Pro Max worked admirably in our tests, but its 25x digital zoom is far less than the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 100x Space Zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra big cameras
Credit: Technizo Concept

Therefore, losing zoom capability seems like a setback for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. On the new phone, not only would the loss of the 10x zoom be noticeable, but also the likely collateral loss of the 100x Space Zoom feature. Although not always effective for photography, this amount of magnification proved stunning when shooting the moon.

However, with its improved 50MP resolution, it’s possible that the purported 5x telephoto camera might still compete. A higher native resolution would imply a broader lossless digital zoom range that will please customers just as much as a smaller sensor with a more powerful lens, which might explain why Samsung chose to forgo the more potent optical zoom.

It’s important to note that other rumor mongers have concocted other explanations for what is happening with the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s cameras. The 10MP periscope camera is still present, according to one story, while the 50MP sensor is for the 3x camera, according to another. For the S24 Ultra, Samsung may employ a new variable zoom lens for its increased adaptability. We’ll have to wait till more rumors surface to confirm the accusations because it’s extremely improbable that all of these reports are accurate at the same time.

Since we don’t expect Samsung to release the Galaxy S24 until February of next year, there is still time for other speculations to circulate. The capable iPhone 15 Pro and the soon-to-be-released (but undoubtedly good) Google Pixel 8 Pro will be its immediate competitors, so it will need to start strong whenever it does appear.


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