Teslabot’s New Skills Revealed in Latest Video

Teslabot's New Skills Revealed

In the most recent video, “Teslabot’s New Skills Revealed” Optimus, the humanoid robot from Tesla, shared on its official account showed impressive advancements. In the video, it can be seen that TeslaBot now utilizes an end-to-end neural network, similar to the one used in Tesla automobiles, to interpret visual input and provide control output.

The Tesla Bot, also known as Optimus, performs a self-calibration process at the start of the movie, which is crucial for it to adapt to new situations. It then demonstrates how TeslaBot can precisely identify its limbs in space without using any external feedback by using its eyesight and joint position sensors. TeslaBot is now able to interact with things precisely and deftly while carrying out duties.

Teslabot's New Skills Revealed

Sorting blue and green blocks into corresponding trays is one of the activities that Optimus displays. Each block can be easily grasped by Tesla Optimus, who can sort them quickly and accurately. Additionally, it can adapt to dynamic changes in the surroundings, such as when a person steps in and rearranges the blocks. TeslaBot can restart its duty and swiftly adapt to the new circumstances. Additionally, it has the ability to fix mistakes it makes, such as when a block falls on its side and needs to be turned.

The physical positions Tesla Bot accomplishes in the film, which call for it to stand on one leg and extend its limbs, also highlight its agility and balance. These stances don’t correspond to any real-world tasks, but they do demonstrate how well TeslaBot can regulate its body and maintain stability.

As the project is still in development, the movie finishes with a request for more engineers to join the Tesla Optimus team. The movie gives the impression that TeslaBot is progressing quickly and uses the same software as the Tesla cars, but it is unclear when it will be ready for production or for commercial usage.

Apptronik, a Texas-based company, is another one engaged in humanoid robot development. The first commercial humanoid robot from Apptronik was just launched, and it is intended to help industrial workers by performing monotonous chores that people don’t like to do. The robot is also pleasant and reasonably priced, making it simple to operate alongside people even in challenging circumstances. Tesla’s still-in-development Optimus robot may have to contend with Apptronik’s robot.

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