Android 14 Fixing Heat and Battery Issues on Pixel 7 and 8

Users of the Pixel 6 and 7 claim that their devices are operating more quietly and have longer batteries.

Android 14 Fixing Heat and Battery Issues
Source: Google

The Pixel 6 smartphone from Google’s smartphone company, which offered superior photographic capability, and the Tensor G1 processor, which enabled new AI capabilities, made a successful comeback in 2021. The phone, however, had several heating and communication difficulties. The business added the required improvements that were lacking from the last generation with the Pixel 7 in 2022. Additionally, the Tensor G2 prioritized effectiveness above pure performance, but this was only marginally helpful. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that all Pixel 6 and 7 users routinely complain about their gadgets overheating or becoming uncomfortable to use. Google seems to have addressed this issue with some low-level improvements in Android 14.

It is well known that Google’s Tensor processors can get quite warm. Samsung’s 5nm node, which is a generation older and less effective than what TSMC provides, is used to manufacture the Tensor G1 and G2. Additionally, both SoCs have outdated CPU cores that require a lot more power. The finest Android phones featuring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and Gen 2 CPUs operate much cooler since they are manufactured on TSMC’s 4nm node. Hardware, however, is only one component of the puzzle.

On several occasions, hidden flaws in Google or Android applications have led to severe idle battery consumption and overheating problems on Pixel phones. In order to make its Pixel phones operate cooler, Google appears to have made OS under-the-hood adjustments in Android 14. Owners of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 are claiming on Reddit (2, 3) that the most recent Android update has made their phones perform smoother and less hot. Additionally, it appears that the longer battery life is a result of the CPU not having to work as hard.

Android 14 Fixing Heat and Battery Issues
Source: Google

No features in Android 14 that specifically address the overheating issues with Pixel phones have been mentioned by Google. It’s possible that the company changed the CPU scheduling such that the big CPU cores are used less often. This might have an immediate effect on the battery life as well as the quantity of heat the processor generates. In any event, this is a welcome update that will enhance the user experience for current Pixel 6 and 7 owners. After installing Android 14, Pixel Fold customers ought to likewise benefit from these improvements.

After a significant upgrade, Pixel owners frequently voice concerns about overheating and excessive idle battery loss. Therefore, it is pleasant to discover that a significant new Android version has actually had the opposite effect for once.

But don’t count on Android 14 to miraculously fix all of your Pixel’s heating problems. Your phone is nevertheless likely to get heated or unbearably hot to the touch when used vigorously in direct sunshine or when playing games because Tensor SoCs are power-hungry.


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