How Microsoft’s New AI Assistant Will Transform Your Life

Microsoft's New AI Assistant
Microsoft’s New AI Assistant Credit: Microsoft

When we were working on Word, we always desired Clippy, but at the time, digital assistants were still in their infancy. Now, however, we have Copilot from Microsoft 365. Since Clippy’s introduction to Microsoft Office 97 more than 25 years ago, a brand-new, far more advanced assistant has entered the market.

The Microsoft Surface event on Thursday included Copilot, which is being integrated into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Teams. You may use Microsoft 365 Chat (formerly known as Business Chat), a new service that dives into every aspect of your professional life, including papers, meetings, emails, chats, and more, to intelligently respond to your urgent queries.

Now, we know the precise date of its introduction in Windows 11: November 1. The top five things you can accomplish with Microsoft 365 Chat are listed below.

Your inbox may be condensed to provide you with a quick rundown of significant updates with Microsoft’s New AI Assistant

It could feel too daunting to sort through your massive inbox when you check your emails in the morning. Microsoft 365 Chat can be useful in this situation.

Microsoft's New AI Assistant inbox picture
Microsoft’s New AI Assistant Inbox Credit: Microsoft

You may ask the Co-pilot, which supports it, to send you a summary of any urgent updates for the day. It will skim through your emails quickly and produce an orderly summary of everything that needs to be brought to your notice. Microsoft highlights that its AI-based chat assistant’s most intriguing feature is that it “knows” which emails are essential and ignores any that are not. As a result, you’ll quickly catch up.

It conducts research for you

Small company owners may ask Microsoft 365 Chat to conduct market research for them, saving them hours of time that would otherwise be spent doing it themselves. For instance, you may ask Microsoft 365 Chat to delve into inquiries regarding competitors in your business to assist you in figuring out how you might have an advantage over them. Co-pilot can find any pertinent businesses, analyze certain figures and data from the web, and provide you with a thorough, detailed response.

Based on your chats, it provides recommendations

Consider the scenario where you missed a heated debate between your coworkers about which job applicant to hire. And to make matters worse, you’re in a tight spot and must decide right away. When using a Microsoft 365 application (such as Teams), you may ask Microsoft 365 Chat to review previous chats your coworkers had. Based on the conversation, a table may be made listing all the excellent traits and any issues for each candidate. If that isn’t enough, you may go one step further and request advice from the Co-pilot on which job candidate to select, which will relieve you of one of your concerns.

It helps you with writer’s block

You may use Co-pilot to assist you in coming up with a catchy slogan for your business, for instance, if you’re having trouble coming up with one.

Co-pilot in Microsoft 365 Credit: Microsoft
Co-pilot in Microsoft 365 Credit: Microsoft

Dropping papers and documents related to your store into Microsoft 365 Chat and letting the Co-pilot analyze them so it can create the best tagline for your company is an intriguing approach to do this.

You may use it to create profiles for anyone

Suppose you need to create a brief bio of a coworker for your website (or perhaps you already have one). You may avoid the hassle of creating the paragraph yourself by having the Co-pilot gather the data from LinkedIn and write the blurb for you.

During the Surface event, a Microsoft representative remarked, “Co-pilot makes you more creative in Word, more analytical in Excel, more expressive in PowerPoint, productive in Outlook, and more collaborative in Teams.” Microsoft also unveiled a new Surface Studio 2 and a Surface Laptop Go 3 in addition to new AI improvements.


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