50 Most Valuable Companies in the World in 2023: A Comprehensive Analysis

50 Most Valuable Companies in the World in 2023

The 50 Most Valuable Companies in the World

One way the stock market assesses a company’s value is by market capitalization, often known as market cap. It is simple to figure out simply dividing the number of outstanding shares of the corporation by its current share price.

Using data as of August 16, 2023, we display a treemap chart in this image that shows the top 50 publicly listed corporations in the world by market valuation.

Editor’s note: Market capitalization has certain drawbacks while being an easy approach to compare publicly listed firms. Most crucially, neither cash nor debt are factored into the equation.

Data and Highlights

The table that follows contains all of the information that we utilized to make this picture.

CompanySectorCountryMarket Cap
(USD Billons)
AppleInformation Technology?? US$2,777
MicrosoftInformation Technology?? US$2,382
Saudi AramcoEnergy?? Saudi Arabia$2,222
AlphabetCommunication Services?? US$1,636
AmazonConsumer Discretionary?? US$1,385
NVIDIAInformation Technology?? US$1,074
Berkshire HathawayFinancials?? US$774
Meta PlatformsCommunication Services?? US$754
TeslaConsumer Discretionary?? US$715
Eli LillyHealth Care?? US$519
VisaInformation Technology?? US$501
TSMCInformation Technology?? Taiwan$476
UnitedHealthHealth Care?? US$469
Johnson & JohnsonHealth Care?? US$448
LVMHConsumer Discretionary?? France$442
JPMorgan ChaseFinancials?? US$436
Exxon MobilEnergy?? US$430
WalmartConsumer Staples?? US$429
Novo NordiskHealth Care?? Denmark$418
TencentCommunication Services?? China$389
MastercardInformation Technology?? US$374
Procter & GambleConsumer Staples?? US$361
BroadcomInformation Technology?? US$344
SamsungInformation Technology?? South Korea$341
Home DepotConsumer Discretionary?? US$335
Kweichow MoutaiConsumer Staples?? China$319
NestléConsumer Staples?? Switzerland$319
OracleInformation Technology?? US$313
ChevronEnergy?? US$297
MerckHealth Care?? US$276
AbbVieHealth Care?? US$267
Coca-ColaConsumer Staples?? US$262
ASMLInformation Technology?? Netherlands$258
PepsicoConsumer Staples?? US$249
CostcoConsumer Staples?? US$248
L’OréalConsumer Discretionary?? France$244
RocheHealth Care?? Switzerland$241
International Holding CompanyFinancials?? UAE$240
AdobeInformation Technology?? US$235
Bank of AmericaFinancials?? US$233
AlibabaConsumer Discretionary?? China$228
HermèsConsumer Discretionary?? France$227
ToyotaConsumer Discretionary?? Japan$220
NovartisHealth Care?? Switzerland$216
AstraZenecaHealth Care?? UK$216
CiscoInformation Technology?? US$216
Reliance IndustriesEnergy?? India$213
McDonaldConsumer Discretionary?? US$208
Thermo Fisher ScientificHealth Care?? US$204
ShellEnergy?? UK$204

This information reveals that just a small number of businesses are worth a trillion dollars worldwide, including Apple, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, Amazon, Alphabet, and Nvidia.

Tesla and Meta are two past members of the trillion dollar club, but their market capitalizations are presently in the $700 billion to $800 billion area. As its earnings decreased in 2022, Meta saw severe value loss, while Tesla experienced problems with demand.

The combined shareholder value of the top 50 firms is nearly $26.5 trillion. With a total market valuation of $9.3 trillion, the top 50 sectors are most heavily represented by the information technology industry. Health Care ($3.3 trillion) and Consumer Discretionary ($4.0 trillion) are the next two largest industries.

Geographical Breakdown

Geographically speaking, the bulk of the top 50 corporations are American. The totals for each nation are shown in the chart below.

50 Most Valuable Companies in the World in 2023

With three firms each, Switzerland, France, and China are the three nations with the second-highest representation after the United States.

Companies like Nestlé, Roche, and Novartis are Swiss-based. The latter two are important participants in the healthcare sector.

The top 50 firms on the list are all from France, and they are all in the Consumer Discretionary industry. These companies include the fashion behemoths LVMH and Hermès as well as L’Oréal, a world leader in cosmetics. With a net worth of $215 billion earlier this year, LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault was recognized as the world’s richest person.

Tencent and Alibaba are the last two internationally renowned brands to come from the Chinese side. Kweichow Moutai, a producer of alcoholic drinks that is largely state-owned, is the third firm on this list from China.

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